Maximum precision in the clean room – ahead

The exact metering of such small shot weights is realized using a completely new metering system developed by our partner Nexus Elastomer Systems. The compact system solution ensures high-precision metering of the low-viscosity material. Plastification of the micro-shot weights is performed by the newly developed 12 mm screw from KraussMaffei, which is what makes such small weights even possible.

Intricate automation and production under clean room conditions

KraussMaffei automation has also been especially optimized for this intricate application. The slots in the flexible micro-diaphragm are cut by a fine blade integrated into the gripper while the part is still in the mold. Demolding and bagging in the system are monitored by a camera system and supported by a KUKA IR 6 R 900 Agilus IR robot.

Like all KraussMaffei PX machines, the systematic modular construction means that even the smallest PX 25 can be upgraded with the necessary clean room equipment. Besides the obligatory clean room technology for laminar airflow, this includes encapsulated drive units, antistatic painting, raised machine legs to FDA-compliant hydraulic fluid.

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