“In diagnostics, purity and cleanliness always come first” – ahead


There has been a lot of talk recently about testing, particularly in the context of the corona-virus. Aside from the COVID-19 respiratory illness, for which no special therapy has been de-veloped yet, please talk about the detection of illnesses in the medical sector as opposed to treatment.

Wolfgang Zangerle

The area of diagnostics is indispensable in today’s medical sector. What do you treat if there is nothing for you to analyze?  Our products help the field’s leading manufacturers produce items like blood collection tubes, pipette tips, vials, tubes and plates. These products, the so-called disposables, are now made of plastic. They are single-use items that have to meet the highest standards.  Two customers that produce the disposables for the new coronavirus quick test from Roche are currently using NETSTAL machines.

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