Complex connector fabrication with metal inlays – ahead


If someone wants to manufacture a connector, what is special about the process?

Marian Allmannsberger

It is technically challenging to manufacture connectors because you usually have to bring multiple metal inserts such as pins or sockets into the mold and encapsulate them. For example, the connector for a wind turbine can have up to 30 pins, screw-type bridges and insulators. This requires a process that is absolutely stable, but also very efficient.


The application on the CX 80 from the K 2019 was not quite so complex, was it?


No, that would be much too extensive for a trade fair exhibit, and that is what we built the manufacturing cell for. For the large systems, of which we have several on the market, multiple robots work hand in hand. What we see here is effectively a scaling of that. With the CX 80 we want to show how well the connector fabrication can be implemented where space is at a minimum. The floor surface is only 5.40 by 3.70 m, whereby the dockable automation cell itself measures only 3.20 by 2.30 m.

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